About Unique Sweets

What we do

At Unique Sweets our goal is provide opportunities for Inclusion. Through baking, we are able to work with a variety of young adults living with Autism. From planning an event, to purchasing supplies, baking, decoration and packaging, our goal is to include as many ASD adults as possible.

Baking together allows us to spend time in a group setting, navigate personality differences, talk about challenges, video games and just spend together.

At Unique Sweets we work with each individual to address concerns, we make referrals to other organizations and talk about opportunities.

AUTISM: The Invisible Disability

Young adults everywhere on the spectrum struggle to enter the work world. The largest and most definitive to date, examining how autistics do after they transition out of high school. The study shows that two years after graduation, half of ASD young adults have no paid job experience, technical education or college. Nearly seven years out, the numbers improve but remain bleak, with one out of three having had no paid work or post-secondary education. That’s a higher percentage shut out of the work world than for other disabilities, including the mentally disabled, with heightened risk of poorer outcomes for those from lower-income families and those with greater functional impairment.

While a wheel chair is a clear sign of physical disability and a guide dog is a sign of visual impairment, there are no unequivocal signs that a person has autism; as such, understanding can often be in short supply.

Support Group – Unique Socials

We are excited to announce the creation of our new social group Unique Socials! Every month, we will coordinate a fun, adult outing. Through these meetings, our goal is that our young adults get out, make new friends, develop a social and support network, and just have fun.